23 October 2012

Believe it or YOLO

Maybe the version of Eric LeGrand's Believe intended for or (pre-) teens should have been subtitled YOLO to cater to the audience?


The 272-page adult-intended Believe is further marketed as My Faith and the Tackle That Changed My Life. So publishers Williams Morrow sell faith as the complement to the tragic story of the Rutgers defender who will likely be wheelchairing for life as a result of a horrific tackle.

The 224-page young reader's version (were there really 48 pages of bad words, adult themed exploits or language too high-falutin that needed to be removed for the eyes and sensibilities of the less-aged?)  is subtitled The Victorious Life of Eric LeGrand,demonstrating the HarperCollins sees aspirational values as the key to the hearts and minds of kids ... or at least the wallets of the folks who buy for them.

In other words, two publishers are selling the same book, minus a host of pages to two different audiences. LeGrand does have a stirring story, but the slight edits for different audiences is slightly upsetting, suggesting either cynical about  or upsetting about reading audiences, or just where the world is with highly sophisticated marketing to ever shrinking and Balkanized reading audiences. reading

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