18 November 2012

The Staining of Cricket Whites

Bad luck? Poor play? An unmotivated/unpaid team? Or was the fix in? The latter, claims sports betting journo Ed Hawkins in Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy, his who- and why-dunnit on the shocking(?) expose of Indian gamblers and how their efforts helped England cricketeers come from behind to down Sri Lanka in their May 2011 test match.

And often the fix — perhaps just a spot fix — is in English county cricket to India to West Indies to Australia, at least according to illegal Indian bookmakers, Pakistani spies, a guy he met in a TGIFridays and other demi-monders in the world of pressed whites, breaks for tea and (of course, sticky wickets).  It's been this way since 1757 or so, so no real hurry to fix it ... which isn't really how the author described it on radio. After all, people like to bet and there is at least one train of thought that says nothing is as enjoyable as it is when you can do a bit of punting around it. Hey, a guy has got to make a living.

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