31 December 2012

Green Men In Sixteenth-Plus Minute of Fame

Stupid with a sense of humor deserves a book and, maybe, a look. So, huzzah Behind the Green from superhero GreenMen Canuck fans .. and let's all give a big thanks to the hockey honchos who pretty much called the season off allowing the contemplative time the pair surely needed to type their opus

The peripatetic pair first gained YouTube celebrity by antic-ing in the vicinity of penaltyboxed opponents beginning in 2009 when their suits arrived too late for a Seattle Seahawk game but in time for next Canucks tussle. Now they bare all, in the sense of sharing that swaddled in spandex can be uncomfortable and the search for a world shattering philosophical explanation for why they do what they do and how it can possibly resonate remains illusive. Still, they did survive an NHL crackdown and for that, an attitude that recognizes how silly their acts and acclaim are and just a why the hell not reward stupid with a sense of humor here's to Ryan "Sully" Sullivan and Adam "Force " Forsythe and toss out the new year wish that their fifteen minutes of fame last up to the point where they begin to take it seriously or authorities start to weigh in on its cultural significance.

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