23 January 2013

A Sense of Counterintutivty

Why shouldn't Bobby "the General" Knight celebrate The Power of Negative Thinking? It's a force that has been positively enchanting of his life so far.

The coach of a thousand tantrums, celebrated at Indiana for winning a lot of basketball games without overly-until-they-fired-him embarrassing players of the university and on ESPN for an embrace of the contrapostive, as well as for his ability to advocate "no" firmly in response to any player, action, foul call, opinion, etc. with which he disagrees even a little,offers his half empty glass broken over your head philosophy in book form. The sometimes excessively squirrelly take on how to motivate seems very much like something Knight would write for fun — he had referred to it as a humor (?) book — albeit his sense of the smile-worth is much different than most.

Of course, he doesn't really believe in taking the negative view of things, only in seeing how he can piss people off. Intriguingly, in seeking out the bad he find himself in the philosophical hemisphere of Chinese dissident Li Chengpeng (currently getting punched in the head and receiving wrapped knives while on tour promoting his new book offering some negative thinking on the current government of the Middle Kingdom), who first offered some negativity power in his look at corruption in his country's version of the beautiful game, "China Soccer Inside Story." Perhaps it might be the start of a very negative collaboration (not, obviously, the most intuitive pairing) with some positive impact?

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