26 January 2013

Do Life and Await MeeMaw's Video and Book

It might be motivational (or maybe oddly PG-ish "health porn), but the Ben Davis Do Life video is definitely transfixing and inspiring of some feet movement.

It is also served as motivation for publisher NAL(of Penguin Group provenance) to offer Do Life, the attempt to rake in some (non-potato) chips based on the former-fattie's marketing saavy and a truly terrific story of how Davis went from 360+ unhappily plodding pounds struggling to finish a 50 foot galumph to an entrepreneurial, Boston Marathon- and triathlon-completing, fit and happy athlete and motivational force.

While it is tempting to see Davis as a successor to Jared Fogel (spokesformerchubster for Subway) , the real branch runs back to the tree of Davis' grandmother. Speaking to her Christmas four years ago was what set him on a better path. And, not to take anything away from Davis (or Fogel), it is MeeMaw's video and memoir, if they ever comes out, that will be the real inspirational power  (see
bendoeslife/tumblr.com ... Jan. 12, 2013).

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