12 February 2013

Promoting Piazza Because.... ?

With just noise and no real baseball news, it's time to go to the bookshelf and take down Mike Piazza's Long Shot. So, even as pitchers and catchers report for the beginning of the eight-, nine-, 10-month long baseball season, it's time to turn the pages of the autobiography of the all-time greatest hitting New York Metropolitan catcher before — like the Mets' likely 2013 season — it quickly fades from the glare of Gotham's spotlight. (And, yes, it is admittedly damning and probably unfair to qualify his legacy by assigning it only to the New York team.)

There's no particularly obvious reason why now is the time for Piazza to publish his book so it seems likely he's setting up something for the future. To recap the past, Piazza has impressive offensive stats from his days with the Dodgers and Mets (and much less so as he trotted out the lesser days of his career with the As and Padres and Marlins). His defense was something less ... and the knock on his likely ascension in the next few seasons to the Hall of Fame. That offensiveness does seem to be on display in the book, a celebration of, by and for MP, although there is a mite of defensiveness as he addresses the rumors of his potential performance-enhancing-drug use (he admits to some stuff, but nothing steroidal and never anything illegal by MLB standards). Bottom line: he is rich, he's had (and will likely in the future, during or after this marriage, have more) hot women, he's a polished speaker ... and he's always had inner confidence much greater than than the title "long shot" suggests.

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