25 March 2013

Semi-Autobiographical Novel of a Hockey Good, In No Way Great

At some point, in some way, with some passion, everyone is The Kid Who Missed the Bus, the novel by former not-quite-NHL-ready defender Matt McCoy. Well, they aren't McCoy's kid, the semi-autobiographical first generation Canadian, good (not great) hockey junior, and girls (not ladies) man not quite good enough to stick at the highest levels of his game. Still, the prime metaphor of the stars taking off (on a youth team's bus, in this case), moving up the  pyramid of talent and opportunity, while the fodder remains behind to dream and cheer is a good one. In everyone's life there was a time they coulda been a contender, could have been somebody

instead of a bum — which is how they'll think of themselves when the 2.17 a.m. dark thoughts afflict them. At which point, in case this book never gets turned into a movie, it might be time to stream Slapshot or perhaps Hoosiers in order to lift one's spirits.

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