27 April 2013

Selling Seles Serially

What might be up with the first in a projected series of YA novels from Monica Seles, The Academy: Game On? Although Seles started out with her dad at her tennis Virgil, she was soon enveloped within the orbit of Nick Bollettieri, who pioneered the modern academy lifestyle in Florida. But if we fear, fear and wonder about one of the biggest problems with movies about tennis is that they get the tennis wrong, then could it be a harbinger of doom that her publisher is promoting her book (set to release June) with a trailer depicting two lasses who neither look, nor play the part of up-and-coming tennis juniors.

Lack of muscle tone, laughable strokes, a missing determination to win. Pretty as they are, the video girls are certainly no true echo of  the great Monica.

One can only hope that the person and people helping her pen a tale of girl squabbles, competition for boys and (we hope most of all) tennis can channel a little bit more of what really made her special, what she really knows and experienced but often won't share onto the pages of the series. (Not that we want it to include anything as horrific as the attack blowing forever-dark clouds into Seles' life.)  She might well be having fun (?) since retirement, but one can't but help but wonder what she lost, is she lost and how that can possibly show up on a page.

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