23 June 2013

Moving Sparkleponies from Minnesota to LA

It is obnoxious to write/read any generalization such as, "for a football player, Chris Kluwe made a very smart business decision." It happens to be true that ChrisWarcraft is a football player, but his smart business decision was as an author.

His just-published collection of quick-typed ephemera, Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies, flows from the brouhaha he created last year with a letter supporting the rights of men and women to marry intragenderly. So, he got the book deal, which was an important career stepping stone as his stats were trending down and punters do live even closer to the edge than other footballers. In additional good news, career-wise, he is moving from the relatively small market of book buyers surrounding the Minnesota Vikings to Los Angeles and a passionate nationwide following for the Raiders (LA in name, Oakland always in heart). He's now closer to more fans, more television opportunities, more book buyers, more everything-a-popwriter needs.

It's all a great move for a clever guy at the age where he has gotten a bit ambivalent about his first career and its excesses. As he said to NPR:
Put me out of business. ... I'm very good at what I do. I'm very good at playing football, and I will continue being very good at playing football until society decides that football is not something they're going to reward members for way over what they should be rewarded for, and at that point, I'll go find something else to do.
As a writer he may not yet have the tough of Ernest Hemingway ... or even the much more radical pigskinner Dave Meggyesy (author of Out of Their League), but he does know his way around some colorful and attention grabbing language. In short, for a punter he makes a helluva scribbler, and vice versa.


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