13 June 2013

No It Didn't. Sorry.

Now this is just silly. Unless every fight has done so, then it is impossible to accept as George Willis suggests with the subtitle to his new book, The Bite Fight, that the Tyson-Holyfield pugilism performance changed the sport forever.

There is no getting around that Iron Mike taking two nips from the ear flaps of Real Deal Holyfield was a low point for the sport. It might also be fairly argued that the burlesque of 28 July 1977 in Las Vegas changed forever the legacy of two great heavyweights. But the sport? Changed forever? Even the most cursory review belies that claim.

Which doesn't mean it wasn't a fascinating fight within its context. The characters, the events the mysteries, the soap opera aftermath, all events for a good story. Still, sport- or world-changing? Hardly.

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